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A.M. Best Company, Inc.
A.M. Best issues financial-strength ratings for insurance companies based upon their ability to pay claims. Choosing a carrier that is financially strong is an important aspect of any insurance decision. How does your carrier rate? Read More Here »
Disaster Preparedness
Earthquakes, tornados, floods, chemical spills – the Federal Emergency Management Agency has seen it all, and they are an expert resource for people who want to ensure their family and property will be safe in event of disaster. You’ll find lots of practical advice on their website. Read More Here »
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit research and communications organization funded by auto insurers. For over 30 years the organization has researched what works to prevent auto vehicle crashes and the resulting injuries. An affiliate, the Highway Loss Data Institute, is a nonprofit research organization that publishes insurance loss statistics for most car, SUV, pickup truck, and motorcycle drivers on US roads. You can review safety testing results on a vehicle you own or are considering purchasing. In addition to personal safety concerns, safer vehicles usually cost less to insure. Read More Here »
Good Health Begins at Home
The U. S. Department of Agriculture sponsors Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Healthy Lifestyle!, a website specifically designed for parents and caregivers that provides information to help you eat better, be more physically active, and be a role model for your kids. There are lots of ideas to help ensure your family learns by your good example and stays healthier. Read More Here »
How Medigap Insurance Protects You
If you are nearing retirement age, you need to consider medigap (or Medicare supplement) insurance to help cover costs of medical care not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. The Center for Medicare Advocacy website will help you understand what’s covered, what’s not, and what you can do about it. Read More Here »
Insurance Services Office (ISO)
Insurance Services Office, Inc. provides information regarding catastrophe models, legal services, risk management, and underwriting. ISO also has a division that determines Public Protection Classifications for communities based upon the capabilities of their fire protection. These PPCs help insurers create models helping to evaluate the risk of fire losses and set their rates accordingly. Read More Here »
Learn About Life Insurance
Got questions about life insurance? How much do I need? What kind should I buy? With answers to questions, lots of advice, and resources for insurance consumers and the media, the Insurance Information Institute website is recognized as a first-class expert on all things insurance. Read More Here »
Life Insurance in Your Financial Planning
Life insurance may be an important component of your financial planning picture. AARP includes information to help you consider how life insurance and other financial instruments will help to guarantee your family’s security. Read More Here »
Mobile Home Fire Safety
If you live in a mobile home, you need to take certain precautions to ensure that your home is a safe place for your family. Through years of experience and study, Foremost Insurance Company has become expert in insuring mobile homes and RVs, and offers these tips for mobile home safety. Read More Here »
Occupational Safety & Health Administration – the U.S. Department of Labor hosts an extensive website with information on legislation, federal and local compliance guidelines, resources, and so much more. Read More Here »
Planning for Long-Term Care
Long-term care insurance can put the decision into your hands about how you will be cared for once you can no longer care for yourself. The AARP website provides you with guidelines to help decide whether you need this coverage and how to buy it. Read More Here »
Preventing Fire Damage
A home fire is a terrifying and dangerous event that can cause damage to your home and personal property as well as serious injuries to your family. The Home Safety Council offers a variety of tips to help you keep your home fire-safe. Read More Here »
Preventing Water Damage
Water damage is the cause of a great number of claims against homeowner’s insurance. Yet much of the damage to your home and personal property can be prevented. Find out more with Safeco’s Drip Discovery Checklist. Read More Here »
Understand what drives your workers compensation premium - and how to realize cost savings. Read More Here »