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Benefits of Using an
Independent Insurance Agent

Choice of Products

Independent Insurance Agents represent more than one insurance company. That's important. It means an independent agent can offer you a wide choice of insurance products. Help you shop around for the best policy to meet your needs. Give you the power.

Choice Service

Independent insurance agents are small-business people. Customer and community oriented. That's important when it comes to insurance. You need to know who you're dealing with. You need to know you're getting the best service available. You need someone on your side.

Choice Prices

Independent insurance agents are bargain-hunters.  They look for ways to save you money. That's important for two reasons. First, it means your local agent is fighting to get you the best price for your coverage. Second, it means your local agent, in tandem with 280,000 other members of the Independent Insurance Agents of America, is fighting to reduce the costs that increase your premiums.

Advocating safer cars, highways, work places and homes.  Tougher laws against drunk driving, theft and fraud.  Lower medical and legal fees. Independent agents are working to make the insurance industry work for you.

When you look for insurance,
look for the mark that has stood for
independence for the last century.

We call it the Big "I"

                              It guarantees you choices. 

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