Construction Insurance, General Liability Insurance: Newburgh, Evansville, IN

Business owner or contractor?

General Contracting Insurance, Liability Coverage, Small Business Liability Insurance

As A Business Owner Or Contractor, Protect What Matters Most To You:

Your staff, your resources, your reputation—talk to your Schultheis Insurance professional about protecting everything you’ve worked so hard for. Have a look at some of the coverage options available to you, and why they’re worth checking into.

General Liability Policy

What It Is:
If you’re a small business owner or a contractor, general liability insurance is one of the most important business tools you’ll need. Why? As the policy holder, it protects you and your business from lawsuits and other costly claims.

Why You Need It:
Unfortunately, accidents happening on the job can result in bodily injury or property damage. Could your business survive after paying a significant out-of-pocket settlement? What’s more, certain laws and potential clients may require you to carry contractors insurance in order to do business.

What Will It Cost?
Several aspects determine the cost of your general liability policy. Key factors include the amount of risk your type of work presents for you and your employees, as well as the number of people you employ. Ask your Schultheis Insurance professional about a quote today.

Business Owners Policy

What It Is:
This is a policy that often combines several types of coverage, including property and liability protection. Many Business Owner Policies include coverage you might otherwise overlook, such as coverage for crime, business interruption, and computers.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

What It Is:
An insurance policy to protect and insure a building:

  • Planned for construction
  • Currently under construction

Who Pays?
If the contractor is responsible for securing the policy, the cost is generally included in the price of the project.

Who Should Be Covered?
A builder’s risk policy should include:

  • Project owner
  • Contractor
  • Financial Institutions – construction loans

The policy should be written on one of the broadest risk forms —this protects the building project against most types of damages, regardless of who, or what, is at fault. This runs the gamut from weather, to natural disasters, human error, theft, flood and just about everything in between. Your Schultheis Insurance professional can provide you with the right policies designed to protect your building project, both during and after construction.

How Much Protection Will I Need?
The policy limit should be based on the value of the completed construction project.

And If I Have More Questions?
Your Schultheis Insurance professional is more than ready to provide answers. With more than 70 years of expertise, we have the solutions to protect your business. If you’ve got insurance questions…the Answer is Schultheis.