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Business Insurance

Business Insurance in Evansville & Newburgh, IN

As a business owner, you take on a great deal of responsibility. The success or failure of your business, as well as your own welfare and that of your employees, depends on the decisions you make each day. Some of the most important decisions you make will be the ones that protect you from unexpected negative events. This is the function of business insurance coverages.

One aspect of insurance for business is protection of the business and its physical assets from damages such as fire and smoke, water damage, and natural disasters, as well as fraud, theft, and liability. Another consideration is protection of the business in case of the loss by death or disability of key personnel without whom the business would struggle. Finally, as a business owner, you want to provide for the financial well-being of your employees with employee benefit programs designed for the specific needs of your workforce.

As one of the top ten largest Independent Insurance Agencies in Indiana, Schultheis offers protection for all sizes of businesses, from locally-owned small businesses to large multi-million dollar corporations. Schultheis has been providing business owner’s insurance policies for years, and we have established relationships with insurance companies that can give you the protection you need at the most affordable rates.

Whatever the type of business you own or the size of your business, your Schultheis Insurance Agent will help you select and administer insurance coverages that will provide the protection you need. Learn more about business insurance here, and then contact us to set up a Business Insurance Consultation.