What Coverages Are Available? What Amount of Coverage Do I Need?

Based on the type of business and the risks undertaken by each one, there is no one policy that is right for every business. Your Schultheis Insurance Agent can help you evaluate your risk profile and decide on the types and amounts of coverage most appropriate for you.

  • Property Insurance covers damage to your business property from fire or other perils. Specialized coverages are also available to provide additional protection in specific risk situations. Ask your Schultheis Insurance Agent for information about any of the following special coverages:
    • electronic data processing coverage, which covers your computers, software, and backups from expensive and business-crippling damages
    • ordinance or law coverage for upgrades or changes required in the repair of your building after a loss when mandated by local building codes or ordinances
    • builder’s risk insurance which covers damage to a new construction as it is being built
    • business interruption insurance, which covers losses due to your business being unable to operate after a fire, storm, or other damaging situation
  • General Liability covers losses to others or to property for which you or your employees are determined to be at fault. Liability insurance also covers the attorney’s costs if someone sues you or your business due to these injuries or damages.
  • EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) covers businesses against claims by workers that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated.
  • Liquor Liability provides coverage if your business sells or serves alcoholic beverages and you are sued due to an accident related to a customer’s use of alcohol.
  • An Umbrella Policy provides added liability protection above the limits of your normal business liability insurance policies. This allows you to obtain coverage against liability claim awards that might be catastrophic to your business.
  • Workers' Compensation covers on-the-job injuries to your employees.
  • Business Auto Insurance can be specifically tailored to the types of vehicles and driving situations for vehicles owned by your business and operated by your employees.
  • Crime Insurance covers theft, burglary, and robbery from your business of money, securities, and other property by your employees or by outsiders.
  • Inland Marine covers property in transit or other people’s property temporarily located on your business property.
  • Bonds (all types) protect you from loss in many types of specialized business transactions where your normal insurance coverages may not apply.

Our Loss Control evaluations will help you determine the best method to protect your business from exposure to unnecessary risk. Specialized insurance coverages are available for your business. Be sure to discuss your situations with your Schultheis Insurance Agent.