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How Can I Save On Auto Insurance?

The auto insurance rates you pay can vary dramatically depending on the insurance company you select, the coverages you request, and the kind of car you drive. Listed below are a number of things you can do right now to lower your insurance cost.

  • Combine Auto and Home Insurance Combining your auto and homeowner’s insurance policies with one company will save you money on both and may prevent coverage gaps.
  • Drive Safely Use defensive driving skills and stay alert when you’re driving. The fewer accidents there are overall, the less need there is to increase rates. For you personally, no accidents or violations on your driving record means no additional surcharges added to your basic rates.
  • Carry Higher Deductibles The larger your deductible for comprehensive and collision coverages, the lower your rates will be. It’s best to attempt to balance your payment amount against the amount you’ll have to pay if you are involved in an accident.
  • Keep Your Vehicle in Good Working Order Regular maintenance of your car can prevent costly and inconvenient accidents and breakdowns.
  • Talk to Your Agent Before Buying a New Car Before purchasing a new car, ask your agent how that vehicle will affect your insurance payments. In addition to the vehicle’s value, susceptibility to theft, and cost to repair, other factors can affect your premiums. The type of vehicle is important also—sports cars, high performance cars, and intermediate performance vehicles usually cost more to insure than regular cars. Sport utility vehicles in particular are becoming much more expensive to insure.
  • Shop for Vehicles Equipped with Safety Devices Some of the safety devices available in newer cars include air bags, automatic seatbelts, anti-theft devices, back-up cameras, lane warning indicators, and anti-lock brakes. Safety devices help to avoid accidents and/or lessen the severity of injury in an accident, and many companies now offer a discount for cars which are equipped with such devices. Your Schultheis agent can show you how much these devices could save you on your insurance premiums, and you can compare that to the cost of the options. You’ll often find that these devices will pay for themselves very quickly.