Are You Paying Too Much for Your Workers Compensation?

Increasing workers compensation costs can be disturbing for many businesses. Although workers compensation is regulated, you DO have control over the actual  premiums you pay. Schultheis Insurance has Certified WorkComp Advisors on staff to help you negotiate the many challenges of creating a comprehensive Work Comp Plan.

What Is a Certified WorkComp Advisor?

A Certified WorkComp Advisor (CWCA) provides an advanced insurance consultative approach to the analysis and discovery of cost saving corrections and/or refinements in a workers' compensation insurance program.

A CWCA receives additional training specific to the workers' compensation industry enabling them to fully understand errors that commonly occur and cost saving processes that should be implemented.

The goal of a CWCA is to find and fix errors, help refine a workers' compensation program and ultimately return money to the employer and/or create cost saving processes, policies and procedures.

Less than 1,000 professionals have earned the Certified WorkComp Advisor designation. The designation is awarded by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals, the nation's largest educator and trainer of workers' compensation professionals. Visit their website at

Now Is the Time to Take Control of Your Workers Compensation Costs

Ways Schultheis Insurance can help you take control:

  • Injury Payments
  • Injury Management Services
  • Premium Audit
  • Experience Modification Factor
  • Hiring & Employee Management
  • Classification Analysis

The Complete Solution

Schultheis Insurance's team of Certified WorkComp Advisors will put you in control of your Workers Compensation Program. Our Work Comp Solutions Team will work with your existing staff to implement and maintain the complete solution for you.